Carolyn Reidy, the CEO of “Big 5” publisher Simon & Schuster died today.

I’m not going to attempt an obituary. Other trade journals are far better qualified than I to offer up Carolyn’s history and contribution to publishing.

Here just a reminder that just a few days ago Simon & Schuster’s Q1 results were a shining example of what is possible in the pandemic era, and that not all publishers were caught unprepared as the Covid-19 pandemic decimated much of the global publishing industry.

Let’s hope Carolyn’s successor at Simon & Schuster, who will have to navigate the uncharted waters of the company being sold off by parent corporate ViacomCBS, can match her record.

I leave you with the TNPS post of a few days ago, that will stand as testament to the loss US and global publishing has borne today.

RIP Carolyn Reidy.