Regular readers here at TNPS know it’s not uncommon for TNPS to miss a day or two due to erratic internet connectivity here in West Africa, but this month the disappearing act was a little longer than usual, hence this brief explanation.

Malaria is a major contributor to mortality rates across the continent, and while most cases are not too serious, my third bout with the mosquito-carried parasite was far more severe than the previous two, but self-evidently not as bad as it might have been.

Thankfully I’m now in latter-stage recuperation and back at the desk, such as it is, and eager to catch up on what the industry has been up to while I was laid up, semi-comatose and had no internet access.

Thanks to everyone who reached out privately or on social media to see if all was okay as the TNPS radio-silence went beyond the expected internet downtime. I’m still working the backlog of personal and industry-related emails and will respond to all this coming week.

Expect TNPS to resume its normal coverage of the global publishing industry from tomorrow, if the internet gods are willing.