Yesterday Reuters ran the headline “Amazon eyes Latam expansion,” explaining that, having already established itself in Mexico and Brazil, Amazon was now looking at further expansion in  Latin America.

Seeking Alpha was also presenting this as breaking news.

Explained Reuters,

Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri met with Amazon’s Elaine Feeney, vice president for infrastructure global expansion for Amazon Web Services, late last year and discussed installing a data center in Argentina, according to the Argentine government.

Déjà vu!
This was TNPS back in November 2017:

Argentina’s president Mauricio Macri recently met with Elaine Feeney, Amazon’s Vice President of Global Infrastructure Expansion to discuss an “initial investment” in a data centre.

Argentina’s publishers prepare for Amazon’s arrival

TNPS developed the story still further in December.

As Amazon’s South America plans become clearer, will Kindle ebooks even be a feature?

Not the first time TNPS has broken international news in the Anglophone arena ahead of the rest, and it won’t be the last.