Loreto, Italy, July 30th 2019.

525 million. That’s how any Africans are connecting to the internet as we prepare to start the new decade. By 2030 it is expected to be nearer 800 million, most of it driven by smartphones.

In many parts of the world publishers are embracing digital reading as an opportunity to reach new audiences and boost revenue streams, and at the International Publishers Association Seminar in Nairobi in June the digital opportunity was a key theme.

To mark the occasion of the Zimbabwe International Book Fair this week the Italy-based global gateway books aggregator and publishing facilitator StreetLib has prepared an updated version of its March presentation on the digital publishing opportunity in Africa, with a focus on Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe was among the movers and shakers as the global internet statistics were updated at the half-year mark. Today Zimbabwe has 8.4 million people online, while across Africa the total rose to 525 million — over 200 million more than the USA.

Explained StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo,

“Africa is often regarded as a digital backwater, but the reality is very different. Nigeria is the 6th largest country in the world by internet users, with more people online than the UK, Germany, Russia or Japan.

Kenya and Tanzania both have more internet users than Spain.

With 8.4 million people Zimbabwe is far from the biggest, but Zim publishing still has much to gain from embracing the digital advantage.

In our presentation to mark the Zimbabwe book fair this year we note that New Zealand has a digital book sector worth $37 million (ZWD 13.4 billion) with an online population of just 4.2 million people — half that of Zimbabwe.

Among the sub-themes of the Zim IBF Indaba this year is “Mutation and the Evolution of the Book,” “Moving into the future — the Virtual Library” and “Print to e-Books.”

Regrettably we cannot be there in person this year to support those themes, but our presentation should go some way to validating the need for Zim publishers to embrace a hybrid print and digital business model for the next decade.”

Earlier this year StreetLib rolled out publisher portals for every country in Africa, and in June it launched a bi-weekly B2B newsletter for African publishers aimed at showing how digital is transforming publishing in other parts of the world.

At the Nairobi Seminar StreetLib announced its plans for a Pan-African Digital Library Hub.

The presentation “Zimbabwe International Book fair 2019 — the digital advantage” can be found on the StreetLib Zimbabwe publisher portal page here.

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