“Read about us” is the theme of this year’s FIL Panama, scheduled for August, but with the pandemic showing no sign of relenting, the country’s biggest cultural event – last year attracting a crowd of 100,000 – will be online.

Set for August 13-16, there will be no charge, and the audience could easily exceed the usual numbers as those within and beyond the country find they can participate from the comfort of their homes.

From the press release:

The Panama International Book Fair (FIL) from August 13-16 will be held virtually and free of charge for the first time because of COVID-19.

“Read about us” is the motto of the Fair, which will have a platform that will make it easy for visitors to digitally tour the pavilions and the exhibitions of the bookstores, interact with the authors, and enter 3D rooms for book presentations.

Last year at the Atlapa convention center (Panama City) the fair attracted 100,000 visitors and in its virtual form will again be attended by local and international authors who will participate in discussion groups.

Los40 explains that the online edition of the Panama International Book Fair of Panama will offer the following platforms and content:

• A section in which the writers’ works will be shown, so that the public can get to know them and also access the author’s social networks. To participate, the writer must register, filling out a form that will be provided in due course.
• A section of Panamanian films and documentaries such as “La Matamoros”, “Cimarronaje en Panamá”, “Breaking the Wave” and “The Last Soldier” among others.

Cultural program during the Fair. Virtual rooms.

The expected cultural program of the Fair will be carried out through digital rooms. These rooms will be baptized with the names of four of our great Panamanian writers, as a tribute and tribute to their literary contributions.

  • Literature tables, we will have a wide range of conversations with great national and international writers, touching on relevant topics within current literature such as the Latin American short story.
  • Table of assessment of literature in indigenous languages.
    In addition, the Panamanian Chamber of the book has considered addressing other fundamental issues in the development of our society such as:
    • The Journalism Forum will discuss the value of journalistic reporting during the pandemic.
    • The panel led by women will explore the role they have played within Panamanian society.
    • In a discussion carried out by the organization ‘Ciencia en Panamá’ the aspects in which culture and science are related will be known.
    • There will also be a round table dedicated to history in which Panama and Latin America in world history will be discussed.
    • In the field of learning and education we launched the new seal of “Learning to Take Off” , which will frame a series of educational activities for students of colleges and universities.
    • The Panama Negro Festival has always accompanied us with its programming since 2015. It is a multidisciplinary festival with an emphasis on the noir genre (suspense, thriller, police, criminal, historical, scy fy, etc.). The Festival has an important educational component and is done in an interactive and dynamic way.
    • Alborada Poética Festival. Organized by the promoters of reading Rafael Quintero and Ameth Valencia, bringing together the poets who contribute to the literature of our country.
    • Conversations with the UN. They will be conversations in which they will discuss how society has handled the issue of Covid-19 and human rights.
    • XIV INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON COPYRIGHT. Committed to the importance of copyright, this seminar will be an important space for culture professionals, it will be held on August 13 and 14 and will be free of charge.
    • Youth activities space, led by the readers’ organizations “Because I like to read” and “Panama Readers Group”.

Visit the FIL Panama website here.

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