Around 100 exhibitors, 200 authors and translators and 100 events were the feature of Albania’s 22nd Tirana Book Fair, which ran November 13-17 this year.

Petrit Ymeri, President of the Albania Publishers Association and Tirana Book Fair organiser, explained before the event launched,

The fair has about 100 publishers from all Albanian-speaking areas, but there will also be some representations from foreign institutions dealing with the book. During the days of the fair there will be many activities related to translation, among them about 60 book promotions.

Held at the Palace of Congresses, the fair was being described as,

a great interregional cultural event, which will bring together some 200 professionals, including writers, creators and translators, all from the areas of Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Ymeri also talked about the,

marked indifference of the state institutions to help the publishing system in Albania.

China’s XinhuaNet offered further insights, explaining that Ymeri had this year put the focus on translated literature from outside Albania, bringing to the event European and Balkan titles,

not known before for various political and cultural reasons, but also due to the lack of translators of Balkan languages.

Via XinhuaNet, Class, Radio Tirana International.