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[PRESS-RELEASE] StreetLib partners with Italy’s Association of Independent Publishers

Milan, Italy, October 8th 2019

Italy-based StreetLib has partnered with the Associazione degli Editori Indipendenti (ADEI), Italy’s Association of Independent Publishers, to facilitate the distribution of digital books and provide publishing services for the Association’s 198 members.

StreetLib offers ebook, audiobook, POD (paperback) and digital reading app distribution to authors and publishers worldwide, alongside a raft of Value Added Services ranging from production, formatting and editing to rights management.

StreetLib currently distributes over 300,000 titles to over 250 physical and online bookstores, audio and ebook subscription services, and digital libraries across over 50,000 consumer points worldwide.

StreetLib has long been the first choice of Italian publishers looking to engage in the global digital reading market, thanks to our distribution partnerships not just with the big international retailers like Amazon, Apple Nook, Google Play, Tolino, and Kobo but also myriad other retailers worldwide, bolstered by unrivalled digital library reach (OverDrive, Odilo and many others) and subscription service reach (Audible, Kobo Plus, Storytel, Nextory, Bookbeat, Scribd, Youscribe…)

Founded in 2018, ADEI has the aim of representing, supporting and defending independent publishers and the diversity of culture in Italy and worldwide.

StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo said,

We share with ADEI the ideal to defend a free and pluralist culture and we can actively support this mission thanks to our world class platform and thirteen years of experience in the digital publishing and distribution arena.

StreetLib offers an open and multi-channel distribution platform for ebooks, audiobooks, print-on-demand paperbacks and mobile reading, and we offer production services for all formats if needed, including audio, thanks to our partnership with one of Italy’s leading audiobook specialista, Il Narratore.

While Italy’s ADEI was a natural choice as our first Publisher Association partnership, we anticipate working with publishers associations worldwide as we advance our role as a leader in international digital publishing services, where no market is too small or too remote.

We already have a publishing portal for every country in the world, and offer unique insights into international book markets through our free publishing industry journal The New Publishing Standard and our B2B newsletters Publish Africa and Publish MENA.”

About StreetLib

StreetLib ( is a publishing facilitator and a global gateway to the $143 billion international book market, 70% of which is happening outside the USA, for publishers big and small. Whether you are an independent author or a multinational publisher, StreetLib offers unrivalled global reach through our worldwide network of retail, digital library and subscription service outlets. StreetLib distributes ebooks, audiobooks, comics and print-on-demand paperbacks. StreetLib’s standard model is no up-front fees and it takes just a 10% commission per sale made.

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