Global Publishing Market to Reach $337.3 Billion by 2030 – and other nonsensical BS

If its a day that ends with a ‘y’ then there must be a new marketing report out full of utterly useless information, misleading headlines, and padded out with mindless drivel to make the page count look good to justify the thousands of dollars being asked.

This one just crossed my desk, dated March 30.

Global Publishing Market to Reach $337.3 Billion by 2030.

You only have to look at the list of “select competitors” to realise this was researched by a three-minute Google search that never got past the first page summaries.

This particular report runs to 231 pages and will set you back $5,450.

A quick glance shows it to be the same as the global ebook industry report published a week or so ago as covered at TNPS, that will also set you back five grand.

$5,000 too steep for you? Don’t worry. For just $4,000 you can buy the Online Book Services report (coincidentally also published in March), and coincidentally also almost identical bar a few trivial details.

Other invaluable ways of disposing of $5k include setting fire to it, throwing the money in the nearest river, or burying it in a neighbour’s garden.

In the interests of fair reporting it should be noted there are other market reports by other companies that are just as bad, and there are other ways of pointlessly disposing of five grand apart from those listed above.

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