The first issue of the new B2B newsletter for self-publishers, Publish Globalserious about self-publishing, has been arriving in subscriber inboxes, and while some of the contents will be familiar to avid TNPS regulars, there’s an indie author slant and a focus on opportunities for self-publishing authors willing to step outside the US-UK Amazon-centric indieverse.

The point of Publish Global is to capture the excitement and opportunities in the wider publishing world, while offering collated news and insights into the mainstream self-publishing arena.

For anyone thinking this will be just a promotional tool for StreetLib services, the newsletter opens with two items on the US-based aggregator Draft2Digital, and while there are also two StreetLib news items tucked away, that’s simply because StreetLib, which is also the publisher of TNPS, had a number of press releases out during the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Here’s how the debut issue of Publish Global pans out:

From the introduction:

Publish Global is published by StreetLib, probably best-known in indie author circles as “just another ebook aggregator.” The Italian version of Smashwords, Draft2Digital and PublishDrive.

Actually there’s a lot more to StreetLib than that, but to be clear, Publish Global is not a StreetLib promotional vehicle.

We’ll see mention of StreetLib news and services here, for sure, but it will be clearly marked as such. And we’ll also see mention of news and services from PublishDrive, Smashwords and Draft2Digital, as well as other aggregators and services relevant to the ambitious and professional self-publishing author interested in going truly wide and truly global.

What you won’t see here is paid advertising, affiliate links, expensive courses, just-add-water miracle cures for our ailing sales, or promises of untold riches if we just do this, that or the other.

What you will see here are opportunities and possibilities, and an exploration of the big wide world of publishing beyond the Amazon-centric world that most indies, quite naturally, start out in.

Publish Global is for serious, professional self-publishers looking at the long-term and wanting to build a sustainable career, not how to game the system and make a quick buck next week.

Which means that, while there will certainly be a digital focus to Publish Global, this will be about all formats; about publishers big and small; about literary agents and scouts; and most of all about the global book market opportunities unfolding beyond our cosy US-UK focused ebook-centric comfort zone.

And no, I don’t just mean Canada and Australia. I mean the opportunities unfolding in the emerging markets in Africa, South and South-East Asia, Latin America, East Europe, Scandinavia and other parts of the world that rarely get a mention in indie circles.

That’s entirely understandable as we start out on our indie careers. The USA is the single biggest book and ebook market out there and a natural focal point. Amazon is the easiest place to start, and being on Amazon instantly gives us some global reach.

But as we grow into our author careers we soon realise that there is a big wide world of publishing we can reach in addition to benefitting from Amazon.

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