Eurocon, the convention of the European Science Fiction Society, is being held in Belfast, Northern Ireland this year, from August 22-25, and the Romania sci-fi journal Helion has just published the Romanian nominations.

The nominations come from the Romanian Association of Science Fiction Authors and Clubs, which organises the National Science Fiction Conventions.
The European Science Fiction Society, founded at the first Eurocon in 1972 in Italy, and it’s now a bi-annual event.
Head over to HelionSF Romania for the full details. What follows below is a brief summary of the categories and nominees.
Best Author
GHEORGHE SĂSĂRMAN is one of the most prolific Romanian science fiction writers of all time. At the 1980 Eurocon held in Streza, Sasarman was awarded the Europa Prize for the novel 2000, which was translated into German. His seminal work, Squaring the Circle, has been translated into French, Spanish, German and English by Ursula K. LeGuin. Many of his short stories have been translated into Hungarian, Russian, Italian, German, French, Serbian.
Best Artist
CĂTĂLIN NEGREA is an important name in the new generation of Romanian artists. Catalin is a two-time winner of the National SF Convention Award (2012, 2017), and his works have been exhibited individually and collectively in more than ten European countries.
Best Publisher
In the last few years, TRITONIC PUBLISHING HOUSE has published numerous Romanian writers, many of whom are young writers at their first or second book.
Best Magazine
HELION is a distinguished SF magazine, published by Helion Club Timisoara. In recent years, six printed issues have been published annually, in A4 format, two-colour combined with multicolour printing, usually double-issues.
Best Promoter
LUCIAN-VASILE SZABO is the president of the Helion Club, assistant editor of Helion Magazine and editor-in-chief of Helion Online Magazine (10 issues per year, 97 issues to date). He successfully organized the 2nd edition of the Helion International Conference (May, 2016, 2017 and 2018) and the 31st edition of the Helion Session (May, 2016, 2017, and 2018) and the CFP Conference on the History and Literary Theory of Science Fiction .
Best translator
MIHAI DAN PAVELESCU is, alongside Virgil Stanciu, Silviu Genescu, and Alexandru Maniu one of the best English to Romanian translators.
Best Author
DAN DOBOŞ is a household name in the Romanian science-fiction landscape, and is considered one of the major SF authors, with his trilogy, The Abbey, considered to be probably the most important work of the genre in Romanian.
Best Artist
ADRIAN BARBU is a Romanian graphic artist famous both in Romania and on the Continent, known for his comic books and his exhibitions in Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi.
Best Fanzine
HELION ONLINE made its debut in 2010 and received the Best Magazine Award at the National Science-Fiction Convention in 2019.
Best Website
Carticetindspreinfinit is a literary culture blog, which devotes extensive space to speculative fiction.
Best Creator of Children’s Science Fiction or Fantasy Books
FLAVIUS ARDELEAN is a Romanian writer, translator and essayist who among other achievements is the author of the MIASMA series, for which he was nominated twice in a row for the Young Writer Award, in the Young Writers’ Convention in Bucharest.
Chrysalis Award
CRISTIAN VICOL is a young writer who has published three works of fiction. He is also a competent film critic and a skilled essayist, having published many articles on Romanian and international writers.
In October 2019 Romania put forward a bid to host Eurcon 2021.