The joint StreetLib-TNPS bi-weekly newsletter Publish Africa – the digital advantage released its third issue today.

Publish Africa is a bi-weekly review of the Pan-African publishing scene across all formats, but with an unashamed tilt towards the digital opportunity unfolding.

Written by TNPS Editor-in-Chief Mark Williams in The Gambia, West Africa and published by Italy-based global distributor and publishing facilitator and TNPS parent company StreetLib, Publish Africa – the digital advantage is not so much publishing news as insights into Africa’s publishing opportunity as the continent transitions to a hybrid print and digital model.

The latest issue includes the following items:

Some of the items will be in part familiar to TNPS regulars, but are included in the Publish Africa newsletter with an unabashed tilt towards the interests of African publishers.
Others, like the item on Digital First and on China’s digital rural reading revolution have yet to appear on TNPS.
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