Those who have been following the inexorable elimination of the Fnac Brasil bookstores by new parent Livraria Cultura –

Sao Paulo’s Avenida Paulista bookstore closes – Fnac Brazil now has just one bookstore standing

– will be disturbed, but not surprised, to learn the final Fnac bookstore in Brazil closed its doors this week.

The Rio de Janeiro store  was shuttered amid protests from ex-employees, but there were no words of sympathy from Livraria Cultura.
Rather the company issued its usual bland statement that the moves were in line with the company’s oft expressed position that loss-making stores would be closed and the focus would continue to shift to digital channels.
Via PublishNews Brazil.
Given Amazon’s online presence in Brazil in the books sector one might think Livraria Cultura would play its strengths – physical bookstores in big cities – rather than seek to expand its confrontation with Amazon online.
Livraria Cultura remains a player in the bricks & mortar bookstore sector, but for how long and at what level is something we will have to find out day by day over coming months and years.