Here’s a second chance to see the TNPS post from the past seven days.

Start the Day Global – 30 September 2018

Sweden’s Storytel Arabia partners with Jordan’s Jamalon to expand MENA audiobook reach

Nigerian student writer wins trip to Sharjah International Book fair. They never had prizes like that when I was a kid!

Despite Fnac Brasil store closures, Brazil’s book retail shows annual growth of 9.33%. But there’s much more to the Brazil book market than just Nielsen-tracked retail

Bonnier’s BookBeat reports 97% growth against fierce competition from Storytel. German investment next. UK still on the backburner

Brazil’s PublishNews launches Spanish edition to coincide with LIBER Barcelona

GQ Middle East launches today

80,000 titles, 1.6 million books, 1,874 publishers, 77 countries and a message of intercultural tolerance. Sharjah prepares to break its 2017 record

World’s largest collection of Tibetan Buddhist literature is now online

Storytel sees 42.3% revenue growth in Q3. Adds 100,000 new subscribers. Over half of all revenue now comes from international sites

Frankfurt takes centre-stage this month, but the India book fair season is also underway

Start The Day Global – 5 October 2018

Nextory partners with Libreka to prepare a Germany launch, competing with BookBeat and Amazon. Storytel prefers the low-hanging fruit

Nigeria’s ebook distributor Publiseer launches in Kenya. South Africa next

IPA Sustainable Development Seminar to be held in Kenya 2019

Piracy costs Egypt’s publishers $16.8 million a year