Brazil’s PublishNews launches Spanish edition to coincide with LIBER Barcelona

If you need to know what’s happening in Brazil’s publishing industry, PublishNews is the place to go.

A daily briefing of the top stories in Brazilian publishing, in my inbox every day. What more could a global-publishing obsessive want?

Well, since you ask, a similar daily bulletin for the other global markets of the world. And wouldn’t it be great if Brazil-based PublishNews could produce a version for the Spanish-speaking markets?

This week PublishNews did just that, launching a Spanish markets version of PublishNews to coincide with Spain’s biggest professional book fair, LIBER Barcelona.

PublishNews in Spanish launched on Monday, with a look at publishing news in Spain, Paraguay and Chile, and the Tuesday and Wednesday editions are stacked up in my inbox waiting for a spare moment to catch up.

Needless to say I’ll try bring to TNPS a credited summary of some of the best stories, but of course your best bet to keep an eye on the Spanish markets is to subscribe to the Spanish PublishNews yourself.

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