The India book fair season is picking up momentum as the summer rains recede.

India hosts at least 200 book fairs and festivals every year, and while Germany’s Frankfurt will be getting all the media attention this month India has a busy schedule too. Here’s just a few.
Tomorrow (October 6) the two-day Noida International Literature Festival kicks off.

On 13th and 14th it will be the Hyderabad Comic Con, part of the India Comic Con series that will attract over 200,000 visitors all told.

Later this month the Bangalore (Bengaluru) Literature Festival will be happening.

Not to be confused with the Bengaluru Book Festival, also happening this month. (Same city, but different names and different fairs 
In the New Year two of the biggest book fairs on the planet will be happening in India. That’s the New Delhi World Book Fair and the Kolkata International Book Fair, each of which attracts two million visitors.
If we are serious about finding an audience in what is not only the second-most populace country on the planet but also the second largest country by internet users and the second largest English-language market, then following and engaging with the audiences for these myriad book fairs and festivals via social media is a great place to start.
Follow the Noida IBF on twitter: @NoidaLitFest
Follow the India Comic Con events on twitter: @ComicConIndia
Follow the Banaglore Literature Festival on twitter: @BlrLitFest
Other social media available, of course.
And don’t forget the comic con audience is not just about comics. If we write or publish sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc, etc, we really should be taking these conventions seriously, no matter that we live on the other side of the planet.
This is 2018, not 2008. The entire planet is our market.