As reported here yesterday, the Brazilian book stores Saraiva and Livraria Cultura were supposedly seeing their ebook supply chain cut off as distributor Bookwire took action over alleged non-payment, not having seen any cash from either store this year.

Germany’s Bookwire halts ebook supply to Brazil’s Saraiva and Livraria Cultura for non-payment

Today both Saraiva and Livraria Cultura publicly responded, in dramatically different fashions.
Saraiva conceded there were issues with payments but put this down to fixable delays in the existing system and is looking to introduce a new model of payment to its suppliers as part of a solution acceptable to all parties.
No hints here that there are deeper economic problems, and Livraria Cultura similarly avoided any suggestion of financial difficulties.
The company rather said simply that there had been no interruption to their ebook supply and that the relationship between Bookwire and Livraria Cultura was normal.
At the time of writing Bookwire has not responded to either of these statements.