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Bowker partners with StreetLib to offer global ebook and audiobook distribution

StreetLib’s independent book distribution network helps Bowker customers reach more readers worldwide.

Bowker has added global distribution to its author service offerings through partnership with StreetLib.

In announcing the collaboration, Bowker General Manager Beat Barblan stated, “We’re excited to team with StreetLib and make their global distribution platform available through Bowker. Their ability to support and distribute digital content across multiple formats is impressive and will help authors unleash their global publishing potential.

StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo added, “StreetLib makes it easy to create, publish, and distribute ebooks and audiobooks to worldwide book retailers and subscription services through a single dashboard — anytime, anywhere. We are pleased to bring our global distribution technology and expertise to Bowker authors and small and mid-size publishers.”

Key features include:

Global reach – StreetLib provides a fast-expanding global distribution service. The network is integrated with over 50 online retailers, digital libraries and subscription apps reaching over 250 outlets and over 50,000 consumer points worldwide across ebooks, audiobooks, POD, comics, and magazines.

Robust Analytics – StreetLib analytics provides a crystal-clear picture of sales. Authors can make informed decisions about book marketing with live sales estimates available across StreetLib’s retail and subscription service partners. An easy-to-use dashboard helps track and analyze sales performance to help optimize pricing and promotional campaigns.

Commission-Based Pricing – StreetLib eliminates publishing fees, allowing authors to begin making a profit without paying upfront costs. Authors are paid automatically each month and are provided with clear, comprehensive reporting. StreetLib only receives a commission on actual sales, enabling authors to keep more of their earnings.

Simplified Onboarding – The streamlined registration process consists of just a few simple steps. Once the account is created, titles can be uploaded one at a time or in a bulk upload, and books will be immediately available for sale.

About Bowker

Bowker provides products and services that make books easier to create, discover, evaluate, and experience – connecting publishers, authors, and booksellers with readers. From essential identifiers like ISBNs and barcodes… to editing and copyright protection assistance… to marketing and publicity tools, Bowker offers a wide range of resources to help authors publish and promote their titles.