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As more and more book fairs and festivals add “professional days” events to their programmes, so the smaller and newer events tend to be swamped by industry coverage of the better-established players.

The second Limassol International Book Fair Conference in Cyprus this coming November is one such.

This post is by way of information only.

The Limassol International Book Fair runs 17-19 November this year and will feature its second professional program, the Limassol International Book Fair Conference 2023, with specialised workshops and speakers from Cyprus, Greece, wider Europe and the neighbouring Arab markets.

Speakers will include Anne Bergman, Director of Federation of European Publishers/Fédération des éditeurs européens, publisher Sherif Bakr of Al Arabi Publishing and Distributing from Egypt, consultant Carlo Carrenho, and Nathan Hull, Chief Strategy Officer of Beat Technology AS.

The Limassol International Book Fair Conference 2023 will expand its programme to become a whole day event followed by workshops during the weekend. Per the press release, topics covered will include:

  • libraries and rights
  • strengthen its links to the international publishing community and the region with more European speakers and establishing contact with the Arab world
  • form new partnerships with Cyprus Association of Librarians – Information Scientists (CALIS) and Creative Europe Desk Cyprus

The Limassol International Book Fair Conference 2023 will focus on:

  • Key challenges of Cypriot libraries exemplified by the Cypriot Libraries, the Collective Catalogue and State Archives
  • Best practices for getting published and getting translated EU-funded grant and prizes opportunities
  • Getting to know the Arab book market
  • The case for audiobooks and audiobooks in Greek
  • Connecting the Cypriot book market with the Greek book market through the Greek Collecting Society for Literary Works Οργανισμός Συλλογικής Διαχείρισης Έργων του Λόγου (ΟΣΔΕΛ – OSDEL) , OSDELnet database and Thessaloniki Book Fair
  • The next generation of Cypriot publishers and booksellers


Friday, November 17, 2023 | 10:00-20:30 The Carob Mill, Limassol.

Registration required. Free admission.

Organised by thinking lpc and the Limassol International Book Fair.

Curated by Michalis Kalamaras and George Papanagiotou