The internet and electricity gods have been in foul mood this past week, but thankfully the most important panel discussion at the 2022 Buchmesse is now available to watch in full.

Markus Dohle and the other mainstream publishing CEOs happily wallowing in the fantasy that they own publishing because they own the western print markets should just keep on staring straight ahead. Do not adjust your blinkers.

For the rest of the global publishing industry, this panel discussion with Ruediger Wischenbart, Michael Tamblyn of Kobo and Asheigh Gardiner of Wattpad WEBTOON, is the must watch video of the book fair. And beyond.

Regular TNPS readers will not be so surprised at what is being said here, but having it rolled out by those with the real numbers at their fingertips is something you need to hear.

Digital is alive and well and thriving in the parallel publishing universe beyond the print-centred world so beloved of print-publishing CEOs.

Watch the video today – click here. And as soon as conditions allow I’ll take a deep dive into the bigger picture behind what the panellists share.