Copenhagen-based Saga Egmont famously insists that all publisher’s books must be present in all sales channels to maximize the author’s visibility and earnings, so the news of the acquisitions of the catalogue of the Malaga-based audiobook publisher Sonolibro and now the catalogue of Audiomol is good news for authors.

The Audiomol catalogue acquisition means Saga Egmont is now the largest publisher of audiobooks in Spain.

Saga Egmont annually publishes more than 10,000 audiobooks in more than 30 languages. In late 2019 Bookwire became Saga Egmont’s primary audiobook distributor.

Lasse Korsemann Horne, Publishing Director of Saga Egmont, said in a press release:

For many years Audiomol has published award-winning and popular Spanish and international authors in Spanish and Catalan. It’s a great pleasure for us to continue the work of the publisher.

Our goal is to be the best home for Audiomol’s writers and licensors by producing high-quality audiobooks and dramatized audiobooks in Castilian Spanish and Neutral Spanish for the global market as well as Catalan for the regional market. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world and therefore a crucial market for Saga.

Eduardo Arenal, who founded Audiomol in 2009, said:

The audiobook market is developing quickly but the Spanish audiobook market is not yet fully mature and is in the need of big investments to bring it to the level of the Scandinavian markets. Because of this, I am grateful that Saga Egmont, a Scandinavian audiobook publisher, acquires a great part of the Audiomol catalogue. Saga Egmont has the expertise, the global distribution network and an ambitious market strategy to be the right acquirer of Audiomol’s catalogue.

Natalie Uldbjerg Hansen, Editor-in-Chief of Saga Egmont Spain added:

The audiobook nowadays is a niche media in the Spanish-speaking world but at the same time the audiobook is the fastest growing media globally. Many Spanish publishers do not have the experience or the knowledge to transform their books into audiobooks. In Saga, we will do our utmost to be the best partner for the publishers and authors already collaborating with Audiomol for the future to come.