4,054,400 hours of audiobook consumption happened on the Storytel Turkey platform last year, an increase of 315% over 2018.

Non-fiction led the way with 940,000 hours of audio time, while novels were not far behind, occupying 895,000 hours.

Storyteller Turkey Country Manager Berke İmamoğlu said,

Audiobooks provides a very good fit to our daily lives. While listening to books, we can do our daily activities such as housework, sports or commuting. In this sense, we can also consider Storytel as the easiest way to read books. In this way, book lovers who experience audio books see how many books they can finish, even in the intensity of today’s living conditions.

We aim to increase the listening time in 2019 by at least 50% in 2020. In order to achieve this listening goal, we are adding new books to the Storytel library in line with the expectations of our listeners. We develop our technologies to improve the comfort of listening to books and improve them for our users.

Via Maxi Haber.

In December 2018 Storytel Turkey partnered with Vodafone Turkey to broaden its reach in the country.

But Storytel only launched in Turkey in May 2018 –

– so the 315% increase in consumption needs to be set against a low baseline from launch year.

But the percentage is all the more impressive given Poland’s Audioteka launched a rival service in Turkey in 2019, which included a partnership with the coffee house chain Caffè Nero.

TNPS had Storytel as its Story of the Year at end 2019 as the company ended the decade with a presence in 19 markets across 20 countries.