The annual Delhi Comic Con, lined up this year from December 20 through 23, is a reminder, if needed, that while the western publishing industry is closing down for Christmas and New Year, in other parts of the world it’s business as usual.

The 1-day pass will set you back Rs 599 ($8.50), which is a bargain when you consider it comes with a limited-edition Archie Comic, a Marvel Avengers Bag and an exclusive poster.

The SuperFan 3-day is a tad more expensive at Rs 1999 ($28) but, explains Business World India, will net you,

a specially crafted SuperFan Box, loaded with a Thanos Funko-Pop, Iron Man tee, Avengers bag, a Captain America badge, a limited-edition Archie Comic Book, and an exclusive poster.

Among the international and domestic artists at the event will be:

Melbourne-based digital artist Kode Abdo, better known as #Bosslogic; Illustrator Chad Hardin who works for DC Comics and Harley Quinn series; and Asian American artist/designer Bernard Chang, who has illustrated books for Marvel and DC Comics, including X-Men, New Mutants, Cable, Deadpool, Superman, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman.

Joining them at the show will be the leading Indian comic book publishers, illustrators and writers like Abhijeet Kini (Abhijeet Kini Studios), Gaurav Basu (Acid Toad), Vivek Goel (Holy Cow Entertainment), Rahil Mohsin, Shubham Khurana (Corporate Comics), Ravi Ahuja (Bullseye Press), Saumin Patel and creators of popular Indian webcomics like Sailesh Gopalan (Brown Paperbag Comics), Bhagya Mathew (Awkwerrrd) and Sumit Kumar (Bakaramax).

Among the Delhi Comic Con exhibitors will be,

DC Comics and Kodansha by Penguin Random House, Marvel Comics by Hachette, Viz Media by Simon and Schuster, Raj Comics, Scholastic, Crossword Bookstores, Bloomsbury Publishing, Campfire Graphic Novels, DK Publishing, The Souled Store, Planet Superheroes, Epic Stuff, Macmerise, Mad Fat Monkey and Funko by Wizplex.

The India comic con season will wind up in February with the debut comic-con for Ahmedabad, having began with the Hyderabad Comic Con in October, the Bengaluru Comic Con in November and the Mumbai Comic Con earlier this month.

Visit the Delhi Comic Con site here.

Visit the India Comic Con site with all five comic cons here.

Collectively the India Comic Cons attract a crowd of over 200,000, but that’s still a long way short of the record set this year in Brazil, where the São Paulo CCXP saw 280,000 visitors.