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[Press Release] StreetLib and Nakiri: a Strategic Alliance for Global Book Circulation

First announced in May 2019 during the Geneva Book Fair, the collaboration between Italy-based StreetLib and France-based Nakiri has moved forward. The two-company collaboration aims to connect authors and publishers from all over the world with francophone publishing players and vice versa. StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo and Nakiri co-founders Rosine Zadi and Corentin Emery announce the details of their alliance in the following release

Two book-tech startups on a mission to globalize publishing

Nakiri and StreetLib envisage a time where publishers, authors, and creators can have their works available for everyone, anywhere in the world. Both companies are developing hands-on tech solutions to serve their mission, and with cross-sectors teams, StreetLib and Nakiri operate at an international level developing local and global partnerships.

StreetLib provides a global publishing platform to distribute digital books, audiobooks and print-on-demand books (POD) all over the world. It has a distribution network of 250+ retailers, subscription streaming services and library partners across tens of thousands of consumer points, and offers a one-stop platform for both self-publishers and for publishing houses of all sizes.

Nakiri’s mission is to foster international trade among the publishing community and creative professionals interested in acquiring publishing content. As part of its mission, Nakiri has developed as its main product Nakiri Rights, a pioneer online marketplace for publishers to sell and buy foreign rights as well as licensing content. For any publishing rights deal, Nakiri gives its users the best environment to begin collaborations.

Contributing to a new action model to help authors and publishers make the most of their publishing journey in a hyper-connected and truly global publishing world.

With roots in Italy and France StreetLib and Nakiri rely on their respective international networks across six continents to provide unique global reach and to act as relays to enable as many parties as possible to benefit from their solution.

Starting October 2019, a dedicated program for Italian publishers and indie authors

From October 2019, Nakiri and StreetLib will implement their partnership introducing a high-end integrated offer covering distribution and rights valorization.

Foreign rights trade is popular among Italian publishers but remains a time-consuming activity with complex legal and cultural dimensions which can be challenging for even the largest publishers. For independent authors, those same complex legal and cultural dimensions, combined with a lack of knowledge and experience, make profiting from foreign rights transactions all the more challenging.

StreetLib’s proposition is to introduce Nakiri as a way for Italian publishers, indie authors and international publishers within their network to be fully equipped with a distribution solution as well as being assisted in their rights activity (whether buying or selling).

Next developments are set to bring innovation in use for StreetLib and Nakiri customers

Giacomo D’Angelo and Rosine Zadi go further on delivering a joint statement:

Our partnership is about testing and learning together to offer the most adapted and relevant offer to our customers.

Before introducing our offer publicly both our teams have been working with publishers in order to assess their needs on distribution and rights. This constant approach of co-creating our offer with our end-users will lead in the following weeks into concrete plugins between StreetLib and Nakiri platforms.

We started with a sample but our ambition is to simplify the work of anyone with distribution and rights management needs.

Publishers and indie authors using one platform will be able to switch to the other one because that’s how international publishing should be: about bridging opportunities and having a global outlook

Interested in meeting StreetLib and Nakiri? Partners will be hosting a panel at the ARTS+ Frankfurt Book Fair festival for innovation in culture. Entitled “Pushing borders in international publishing with technology: from content rights trade to distribution — discussing new solutions and models”the panel will take place on Wednesday, October 16th at Frankfurt Buchmesse Hall 4.1 stage M58. Along with another BSquare, Nakiri and Streetlib panel will propose a discussion on how digital publishing startups are cooperating to foster books’ global circulation and also how they see tech solutions as opportunities to connect authors, publishers, audiences in a distributed ecosystem.

About Nakiri

Nakiri ( is the first francophone platform dedicated to manage, buy and sell publishing rights worldwide. Nakiri provides to publishers from all over the World an online portal to complete international licensing deals. Nakiri model is based on a monthly subscription-based with three tiers starting 30€/month and a 10% commission per deal. For specific use-cases, Nakiri offers custom assistance to publishers on their business development.

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About StreetLib

StreetLib ( is a publishing facilitator and a global gateway to the $143 billion international book market, 70% of which is happening outside the USA, for publishers large and small. Whether you are an independent author or a multinational publisher, StreetLib offers unrivaled global reach through our worldwide network of retail, digital library, and subscription service outlets. StreetLib distributes ebooks, audiobooks, comics, magazines, and print-on-demand paperbacks, with other format options to come. StreetLib’s standard model is no up-front fees and a 10% commission per sale made. Other options are available to larger publishers and high-selling independent authors.

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