It wasn’t so long ago that independent authors who wanted to get a piece of the audiobook action turned to Amazon’s ACX.

In part because it was pretty much the only operator that would take independent authors. And in part because of the widespread belief in the self-publishing community that Amazon-owned Audible and Audible distribution partner Apple (an inherited arrangement) were the only places worth sending audiobooks to.

But times change, and indie authors now have a plethora of audiobook distribution options open to them

As reported here last month, Rakuten Kobo has opened itself up to indie author audiobooks –

And earlier this year TNPS parent-company StreetLib also entered the audiobook distribution ad production arena.

This week comes news that Findaway, one of the first audiobook companies to embrace self-publishers, has added four new partners to its impressive distribution network.

BajaLibros, Leamos and Bidi all operate in the Latin America markets, while Fuuze is based in the Netherlands.

With audiobook sales booming in the Anglophone markets and doing even better in Scandinavia it’s worth reminding ourselves that,e citing as the audiobook explosion is, it has yet to come anywhere near the peak ebooks reached, and ebooks remain a bigger market sector by both volume and revenue, as per this recent post on TNPS.

So while this post is manly about audiobooks and the new distribution at Findaway, let me end here with the worlds of Nextory CEO Shadi Bitar:

Digital books are hotter than ever. 2019 has been a fantastic year for the digital books market.