This post is just a reminder to authors and publishers that, unlike in the US and UK where foreign language titles, if available at all, are shunted away in a dark corner, foreign-language books are in demand around the world.
We should take care not lose sight of the international marketing opportunities when we distribute our English-language and translated titles.

Kinokuniya Thailand is the Thai branch of the global bookstore chain Kinokuniya.
This image is an example of a promotion Kinokuniya Thailand is running for English-language books this month.
It’s also running promotions on Chinese and Japanese titles as well as, of course, Thai.
For publishers getting titles translated into Japanese, then as this example, don’t leave money on the table by only distributing those books in Japan.
Likewise for English-language titles. Where English is our first language or a language we are having translations into, we will be leaving money on the table if we only distribute those books to the obvious English-speaking markets.
But perhaps the best evidence of the interest in English-language books in Thailand is the Big Bad Wolf Bangkok event.

Big Bad Wolf Bangkok brings 3 million English language books to Thailand this month. Now selling 15 million books a year to 3 million visitors