Italy-based digital books distributor and publishing facilitator StreetLib has offered its support to the governments and publishers of Uruguay and Vietnam as part of its commitment to a truly global book market.

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[PRESS-RELEASE] StreetLib applauds Uruguay-Vietnam efforts to boost co-operation in culture and education. Offers StreetLib tech platform to facilitate exchange of digital content between the two countries
Loreto, Italy 26 April 2019.
Italy-based digital books aggregator and publishing facilitator StreetLib today offers its support to Uruguay’s Minister of Education and Culture Maria Julia Munoz and Vietnam’s Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyễn Ngọc Thiện as it is announced that the two countries have signed an MoU designed to enhance cooperation in these sectors.
StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo said,
The exchange of cultures between countries across the globe is essential to promoting peaceful co-existence and international friendship. As we prepare to start the new decade, digital offers a uniquely elegant and inexpensive solution to bring together the cultures and peoples of different nations.
At this point neither Uruguay nor Vietnam are well-advanced on the road to digitisation of their publishing industries, but the rewards will be far-reaching.
In theory anyone anywhere in Uruguay with an internet connection can download content from Vietnamese publishers and anyone anywhere in Vietnam with an internet connection can download content from Uruguayan publishers.
But the reality is that publishers in both countries have been overly-cautious in embracing the digital opportunity, and by being so have missed out on the myriad benefits of being digitally engaged globally.
Uruguay is a small country of just 3.5 million people, but it is at 88% internet penetrationamong the highest in Latin America. It’s not far behind New Zealand in internet users, and New Zealand has a vibrant digital publishing sector Uruguay could easily match.
Vietnam is only at 65% internet penetration, but even so is the 14th largest country in the world by internet users, with 64 million people online. That’s more than in the UK, France or Italy, all of which have vibrant digital publishing sectors. Vietnam still has enormous room for further growth.
Digital presents exciting opportunities for both Uruguay and Vietnam to bolster their respective publishing industries both at home and in the global book markets.
The global book market is valued at in excess of $143 billion (VND 3.3 quadrillion / UYU 5 trillion).
Established in 2006 StreetLib is the world’s first truly global digital books aggregator, offering gateway distribution of digital content — including but not limited to ebooks, audiobooks, comics and graphic novels — from and to anywhere on the planet with no up-front costs.
StreetLib works with all publishers, from single authors with one book to corporate clients with tens of thousands of titles, offering unrivalled global reach through our international network of retail outlets, digital library, subscription and micro-reading services, as well as our own international digital books store.
Publishers can use StreetLib as a conduit to as many or as few outlets as they wish and no exclusivity required.
Among many services to the publishing industry, StreetLib is behind the global publishing industry journal The New Publishing Standard, which regularly covers publishing matters in Latin America and S.E. Asia.

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In applauding the respective governments of Uruguay and Vietnam in their pursuit of cultural exchange StreetLib invites publishers across Uruguay and Latin America and across Vietnam and S.E. Asia to explore with us ways to develop and embrace the myriad opportunities digital presents to develop 21st century hybrid print and digital publishing industries around the world.
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