The US $10,000 Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize for Literature will be awarded in Mexico on 4 December this year, and authors and publishers have until April 30 to get their submissions in.

The award, launched in 1993 and funded by the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, is for books originally published in the Spanish language, but authors can be of any nationality so long as they are female.
The prize, created and named by Nicaraguan author Milagros Palma, was awarded for the first time at the conclusion of the 4th Annual Latin American International Literary Criticism and Women’s Literature Symposium, held as part of the 1993 Guadalajara International Book Fair, and has been part of the fair every year since bar 2000.
While self-published authors are not explicitly excluded, the requirement that a book have a minimum 1,000 copy print run means they effectively are.
PublishNewsES reports previous winners of the prixe include,

Angelina Muñiz-Huberman (1993), Marcela Serrano (1994), Tatiana Lobo (1995), Elena Garro (1996), Laura Restrepo (1997), Silvia Molina (1998), Silvia Iparraguirre ( 1999), Cristina Rivera Garza (2001 and 2009), Ana Gloria Moya (2002), Margo Glantz (2003), Cristina Sánchez-Andrade (2004), Paloma Villegas (2005), Claudia Amengual (2006), Tununa Mercado (2007) , Gioconda Belli (2008), Claudia Piñeiro (2010), Almudena Grandes (2011), Lina Meruane (2012), Ana García Bergua (2013), Inés Fernández Moreno (2014), Perla Suez (2015), Marina Perezagua (2016) , Nona Fernández (2017) and Clara Usón (2018).