Regulars here at TNPS will know the value we attach to the global book fair scene, and that contrary to the impression given by many western publishing industry platforms, there are significant book fairs, book festivals and other literary events happening pretty much every day of the year somewhere around the world.

I’m asked time and time again to give more notice about book fairs so authors and publishers can plan better, and I’ve been slowly getting my act together to offer such a list this year, only to find Sweden’s Boktugg has already done it, at least for the Scandinavia region (with a few major international events thrown in for good measure).
It’s an invaluable list I’ll be incorporating into my own global list in due course, but meantime as the OP is in Swedish so unlikely to reach many on the Anglophone circuit I’m sharing the Boktugg Nordic list below, with full credit to Sölve Dahlgren and the Boktugg team for this invaluable resource.
February 2019
8-11 Feb: Smålit 2019 . Värnamo. Jönköping, Nässjö, Tranås, Sweden.
14-17 Feb: Littfest Bergen 2019 . Bergen, Norway.
March 2019
2–3 March: Malmö Seriefest . Malmö, Sweden.
March 14-16: Littfest 2019.  Umeå, Sweden.
March 23: Book Fair Dalarna 2019 . Falun, Sweden.
March 23: Hemgården’s book fair . Borås, Sweden.
March 30-31: Uppsala Comix . Uppsala, Sweden.
April 2019
April 6-7: Stockholm International Serie Festival . Stockholm, Sweden.
6-7 April: The Crimean Fair Horsens . Horsens, Denmark.
April 7-12: LitteraLund 2019 . Lund, Sweden.
May 2019
May 9-12: Textival Literature Festival 2019 . Gothenburg, Alingsås and Mollaryd, Sweden.
May 10-12: Book and sea 2019 . Karlskrona, Sweden.
May 17-18: Helsinki Lit 2019 . Helsinki, Finland.
May 21-26: Norwegian Literature Festival . Lillehammer, Norway.
May 30 – June 1: Nordsken . Skellefteå, Sweden.
June 2019
June 6: Vängåvans Litteraturscen . Sundsvall, Sweden.
13-23 June: LiteratureXchange – Aarhus International Literature Festival . Aarhus, Denmark.
June 29-30: Skillinge Seriefestival . Skillinge, Sweden.
July 2019
July 6: Literature Festival Glommen . Glommen, Sweden.
July 25-27: Book Days in Dalsland . Säffle, Sweden.
August 2019
Aug 10: Feelgood festivals 2019 . Mariefred, Sweden.
Aug 22: Louisiana Literature . Humlebæk, Denmark.
September 2019
3rd weekend in sept: nORD – Nordic Literature Festival 2019 . Helsingor, Denmark.
26-29 Sept: Book Fair 2019 . Gothenburg, Sweden.
November 2019
Nov 15-17: Book Forum 2019 . Copenhagen, Denmark.
Actually it’s quite embarrassing how few of those I was even aware of, let alone had dates for, so double thanks to Sölve Dahlgren and the Boktugg team for this!
You can read the OP in Swedish here, and do follow Boktugg on twitter to keep up on Nordic publishing news day by day: @boktugg.
Sölve, I’d add the Reykjavik International Literary Festival 24-27 April 2019.