Subscribers to book tech consultancy website The Literary Platform will have been surprised to receive an email today stating the site is being archived.

Sophie Rochester explained,

I’m starting off the New Year with a Kondo-esque digital spring clean and this means shutting down The Literary Platform after nearly 10 years!
I’ll be concentrating all other efforts into my new venture Yodomo Ltd – a new platform for creative learning. As some of you will know, last year we raised early-stage investment with Seedrs and we now have some runway to take our vision forward.
If you want to keep in touch about the new venture then please sign up through Yodomo or please contact me directly at I’m obviously keen to keep in touch with lifestyle publishing imprints and the start-up community!
This will be the last email from this list – but thanks so much for all your support over the years…

And in a puff of smoke she was gone. To be replaced by You Do More, as the yodomo URL extends to.
You Do More is a big shift away from publishing and books, with classes on how to “Make a ‘Pajaki’ chandelier,” “Learn how to use a sewing machine,” and “How to bake a sourdough loaf.”
All essential life skills, of course, but the nearest we come to the old world of literary endeavours is “Bookbinding for beginners.”
So has Sophie Richardson abandoned the world of books and tech?
It does look that way from the email, above, and from The Literay Platform website, where, now updated to past tense, it is explained that,

Established in 2009, The Literary Platform magazine covered thinking about books and technology, and innovative projects that blended the two, for over a decade. The Guardian described it as ‘an inspiring browse around some of the innovative and collaborative experiments taking place in the exciting physical-to-digital realm’. We’ll be closing down the site once content has been archived but for now feel free to browse a historical look at the changes in storytelling and publishing between 2009 and 2018.
We worked with global clients across publishing, technology and the public sector. Our client work includes strategic reviews of publishing businesses with a focus on digital, creating frameworks for organisational change, research and development, proposition testing, devising skills development programmes, audience development and project management. The Hospital Club h100 list cited us as one of the ‘most innovative and influential companies in the creative industries’. But all that is history – as we embark on new ventures

Perhaps, after ten years, it’s simply that digital technology and books is now so commonplace and every day that it no longer need the consultancy expertise Richardson offered.
Here at TNPS we’d just say God luck with the new venture, Sophie. The Literary Platform may soon be gone, but will not be soon forgotten.