Myanmar, with a population of 53 million, may be at only 33% internet penetration, but that’s still 18 million people online.
That’s 2 million more people online than the Netherlands, six million more people online than Romania, and twice the online population of Sweden, all of which have vibrant digital book markets.

Myanmar’s digital potential is clear, and in the absence of any interest from the western ebook retailers it has been left to Myanmar’s telcos to step up and fill the void.
TNPS recently reported on how Myanmar Post and Telecoms (MPT) had launched an ebook store for its mobile users.

With an online population bigger than the Netherlands, Myanmar gets its first national ebook store with telco MPT

This week comes news that rival telco Ooredoo Myanmar has,

signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation (MBAPF) for the transformation of 150 libraries to community centres across the nation. As part of the MoU, Ooredoo Myanmar will help transform 150 libraries to become digital libraries and community centers for the benefit of surrounding communities.

Offering equipment, training and two years of unlimited internet connectivity, Ooredoo aims to,

connect libraries across Myanmar with the internet, creating new digital hubs in communities across the country.

The project has been ongoing since 2014 and Ooredoo Myanmar has already provided 539 tablets and connected ninety libraries across the south Asian country.
As reported here at TNPS just yesterday, Malaysia-based Big Bad Wolf is taking 1 million English-language books to Yandon next month for an eleven day 24/7 flash sale.

Big Bad Wolf to debut in Myanmar in January. Taking 1 million books to Yangon. Expecting 500,000 visitors