What are the chances?
You self-publish a comic book. Someone finds an old copy in a trash can. He happens to be a TV director. Next thing you know, your self-published comic book is a TV series.
Now try count the odds for it happening twice!

Okay, so there was no trash can involved the second time around, and yes, it’s the same director, picking up a new self-published comic book by the same author.
Even so, this is the stuff of publishing fairy tales. Maybe someone will write a book about it. And turn it into a film.
Until then, I defer to Deadline for the background.

British director Jonathan Entwhistle once saw a copy of Charles Forsman’s self-published microcomics series The End of the F***king World in a trash bin. The find led to him creating the cult comedy-drama series for Channel 4 which became a Netflix original in the rest of the world.
Now Entwistle is taking another series of self-published Forsman microcomics, which channel the teenage ethos, I Am Not Okay With This, to make it into a coming-of-age TV series for Netflix. He is teaming on the project with Shawn Levy, the director-executive producer of Netflix’s coming-of-age mega hit Stranger Things.
Netflix has ordered eight episodes of I Am Not Okay With This.

 It’s a reminder, if needed, that
a) far from killing off reading Netflix and rival video subscription services are breathing new life into books by bringing them to fresh audiences, and
b) that as we wind down the last year of this decade self-publishing is not just a way to get ebooks onto Amazon, but a way to reach audiences far beyond, in myriad formats and geo-locations.