Letters of the Caribbean will be guest of honour at the 18th FIL Zócalo, which promises to be one of the biggest of the countless Caribbean-focussed book events this year.

Combined with FIL Zócalo will be the 7th International Poetry Festival of Mexico City (October 18-20), the 3rd International Seminar “Cultural rights and peace in the city”, and the III Ibero-American Encounter of Minifiction.

FIL Zócalo is one of countless book events across Mexico that are overshadowed by big sister FIL Guadalajura, which attracted 814,000 visitors last year.
Not bad going for a country where, supposedly, no-one reads.
And there are plenty of other Mexican book events pulling in visitors in the hundreds of thousands.
Mexico’s FILIJ (children’s book fair) for example drew a crowd of 418,000 last year.
The global book market is always bigger than we think.
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