In case you missed any, the past week’s posts from TNPS:

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Start The Day Global September 2018

Amsterdam’s Festival voor het Afrikaans finishes today

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Books, Pyramids and Sun. The world’s biggest book fair will be 50 in January. And yes, it’s in Egypt

Many biennials within one. Brazil’s Rio Biennial 2019 dates set, and a new approach to try hold on to those record visitor numbers

Unlearning gender stereotypes – India’s Neev Lit Fest draws parents, teachers into the children’s book conversation

Start The Day Global – 28 September 2018

As the Amman International Book Fair gets underway, say hello to Jamalon and Yaqut – Jordan’s hidden online book and ebook stores

Global book markets snapshot: Mongolia

Amazon Sweden: Data centres more likely than warehouses. Either way it’s not books

Start The Day Global – 29 September 2018