Little known in the Anglophone publishing world, the Munich-based ebook subscription service Skoobe is about to see a change of management, if not direction.

CEO Constance Landsberg voluntarily leaves Skoobe in September to pursue new possibilities, leaving Julian Manzel to take the reigns.
Said Manzel, who first joined Skoobe way back in 2011,

I’m really looking forward to shaping the future of reading together with the highly motivated Skoobe team. Through my many years of experience working for Skoobe in the operative business, I know the company in all its facets and start with many ideas for further development in the new position.

Just what further developments Manzel may have in mind remains to be seen, and will in part depend upon the paymasters at arvato, Random House and Holtzbrinck, which jointly own Skoobe.
Skoobe charges 11.99 euros a month for unlimited access to over 200,000 books from over 4,800 publishers.
At first glance that compares unfavourably with Amazon DE’s Kindle Unlimited, which charges just 9.99 euros for access to over one million titles, but of course the bulk of those are in English and very few are from major publishers, making Skoobe an attractive proposition.