If you know how to use Word, you will be able to write an interactive ebook.
Or so says French start-up Adrénalivre, which earlier this year had over 1,000 authors contributing interactive content.

Having invested €100,000 in the design and development of interactive story writing software, the start-up has now launched the world’s first subscription service for interactive ebooks.
Initially working like a Wattpad for interactive titles, Adrénalivre offers contracts for content that gets favourable reactions and now believes it has enough worthwhile finished products to ask readers to pay.

Autoédition – Un outil pour créer un livre interactif

For now at least the offer is unlimited consumption of the interactive ebooks available, with an introductory offer of €0.99 per month for 3 months, rising to €2.99 per month, with discounts for six month or twelve months
Explained Adrénalivre founder Bertrand Meslier,

From free with advertising to the purchase by the act, all the financial models tested did not convince our readers. So we asked them the question, the answer was unanimous: to do like Spotify, Netflix …, unlimited. So it’s now done.

According to IDBoox, Adrénalivre has had over 700,000 downloads since its launch (and) is developing more and more new segments to appeal to all audiences.

Ebooks – Adrénalivre lance une offre d’abonnement en illimité