With reports emerging that Amazon is finally set to gear up its Brazil plans, it seems electronic goods (high demand, high margins, easy shipping) will be the first non-books sector on the agenda, and that might just be good news for ebooks.

In India, where Amazon is engaged in a major push to dominate the India e-commerce landscape, Amazon has made an art form of partnering with smartphone manufacturers. It is a common sight of late to see new smartphones released with the Kindle India app (and Prime Video, etc) pre-installed on new phones, and a Kindle ebooks deal as part of the package.
Amazon faces more ebook competition in Brazil than in India, and will no doubt see the expansion into electronic goods as an opportunity to promote the Kindle store, and especially Kindle Unlimited, in the country.
At the time of posting, over 80% of the Kindle Brazil top 100 ebooks are in KU, compared to just 40% on Amazon US.