No, seriously. It wuz Amazon wot did it!

Pakistan is not noted for even being on Amazon’s radar, let alone selling Kindles, and said devices certainly do not support Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto or any other Pakistani language.

But as part of what one must assume is an irrational antipathy to all things digital, ETV Bharat is blaming the Kindle for the closure of ‘Ghulam Mohammad Noor Mohammad Tajrani Kutb’, a renowned book shop and publishing house in downtown Srinagar.

It’s a tearful story of a respected Pakistan publishing house that has fallen on hard times, and I commend the post for its historic detail.

And ironically it’s a story that could be true. Pakistan is a country of 228 million people, and 116 million of those are online.

But digital publishing in the country is barely out of diapers, and the absence of any major ebook platform, let alone the mighty Amazon, is one reason why.

Read the full post at ETV Bharat.