“It’s difficult to quantify what 100 million books looks like — and doubly difficult when the books in question are ebooks and audiobooks. There’s no physical reference point that can paint an accurate picture — no quirky stat for how many times they’d wrap around the Earth lined up in a row or measure up against the world’s tallest skyscraper.” – OverDrive

Just occasionally a humble press release manages to say it so succinctly it can’t be bettered. The above quote from OverDrive is one of those times.

OverDrive reports that the school reading app Sora has clocked 100 million downloads, 87% of which were ebooks, over the four years since the app launched in September 2018.

The Gambian internet isn’t today up to letting me load the infographic from OverDrive, but it paints a vivid picture of a format that clearly has not lost its appeal, no matter how many misleading headlines the trade media may roll out quoting partial industry statistics as the whole truth and nothing but.

Read the full press release here and see the infographic here.