Comprising Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland the Nordics is a region of five national languages and 27 million people. And one million of them subscribe to Storytel.

This will be one of the shorter reports on Storytel. The headline says it all. Storytel Nordics has reached one million subscribers.

Storytel’s total subscribers amount to 1.6 million, which mean just 0.6 million subscribers are shared across the other twenty Storytel markets. But don’t read too much into that. Most of these other markets are so recent as to be barely up and running.

The excitement here, that spills over in the press release, is the potential being shown for the newer markets that have yet to build momentum.

Åse Ericson, who heads Storytel Nordics, said:

Storytel was born in Sweden over 15 years ago and is today synonymous with book market growth in the Nordics. We are happy and deeply grateful for all the engagement and amazing response we get daily from our users. It certainly spurs us in our commitment to investing, developing and creating customized access to the best and most compelling stories and storytelling experiences together with authors, publishers, narrators, readers and listeners.

Storytel is lining up a launch in Indonesia later this year, and is targetting 40 markets by 2021.