Romanian bookstore chain and publishing house Humanitas launches Humanitas Cartea pe roți (the book on wheels), “the equivalent of a bookstore that opens in every locality it reaches”

A new mobile bookshop initiative by the Romania bookstore chain Humanitas began life September 8, visiting Scrioaștea, in Teleorman county where it will be accessible to local people and also “help with donations to the library project of the association Cu cărțile pe uliță, set up by Relu Voicu,” reports Simona Fodor at Romania-Insider.

The Humanitas bookstore chain, among 200-250 bookstores in the country according to the Romania Publishers Association, is part of Humanitas Group, which includes the Humanitas and Humanitas Fiction publishing houses.

Humanitas Cartea pe roți (the book on wheels), offering a selection of “several thousand” Romanian titles from different publishers, is set to visit “tens of localities” by end of year, offering a retail option and also making donations to local libraries.

Fodor quotes Humanitas as saying,

We want to join the initiatives that can change things for the better to create a movement with an impact large enough to turn things around. ‘Cartea pe roți’ can be, for a while, the equivalent of a bookstore that opens in every locality it reaches and where it returns periodically.

Humanitas bookstore, Cluj. Via Humanitas website

Humanitas, founded with a single bookstore in 1991 after the Romania Revolution, now has fifteen bookstores across the country, an online store, Lib Humanitas, that sells print, ebooks and digital audio, and a dedicated ebook store.

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