While audiobooks tend to dominate the headlines about digital books streaming, most subscription services also offer ebooks.

And Sweden’s Bokus Play is about to join them, according to Boktugg.

Akademibokhandelns CEO Maria Edsman was unable to give Boktugg a timetable for the launch of ebooks in the Bokus Play catalogue, but a message to publishers sent out via the distribution arm Axiell Media said (auto- translation):

We will soon be launching the opportunity to read ebooks in Bokus Play – Bokus and Akademibokhandeln’s digital book streaming service. We therefore hope that as many people as possible are already submitting their e-books to us. The terms for e-books are the same as for audio books – simple and transparent with clear pricing per title.

It’s not clear from the report if the ereader launch will be a physical product, as happened with Storytel, which launched its own branded ereading device, or just an ereading app.