No dates selected yet, but the Turin Book Fair, having of course to forget its planned May event, hopes to return later in the year once the current crisis subsides.

It’s a rare moment of publishing industry optimism in a country under total lock-down.

A website statement said:

We continue to work and closely monitor the development of the situation, pending the arrangements that will be presented after April 3, the expiration date of the current Prime Minister’s decree.

In a moment of great sacrifice on the part of all Italians, the Salon wishes to express its most sincere closeness to those who are directly affected by the emergency: the sick, their loved ones, as well as all health personnel, and institutions that work tirelessly for the health and safety of all.

As this post goes live the Alexandria Book Fair in Egypt is still on schedule and the UK’s Hay Festival and New York’s Book Expo America are still intent on going ahead, but with daily developments in the coronavirus crisis it seems improbable any of the three will survive the course.