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[PRESS-RELEASE] StreetLib expands its distribution partnerships with Kobo and Bookbeat. Adds Media 365, and Ubook to its 50+ partners portfolio

Milan, Italy, November 21st 2019

Launched in 2006, a year before Amazon opened its first Kindle store and five years before the Kindle arrived in Italy, StreetLib has from its inception been focused on pushing boundaries to maximise reach for its authors and publishers.

This week StreetLib adds a raft of new partnerships to its portfolio, consolidating its position as the first choice for authors and publishers wanting to “go wide and go global”.

In a new partnership with Canada-based Kobo, StreetLib adds Kobo audiobook distribution alongside its existing distribution to the globally-accessible Kobo ebook store, and to the Kobo Plus subscription service that currently serves the Netherlands and Belgium (other countries being added soon).

And in the other direction, StreetLib now offers ebook distribution to its audiobook partner platform Bookbeat.

Bookbeat, base in Sweden, currently has dedicated platforms in Sweden, Finland, Germany and the UK, and is accessible across the European Union (28 nations in total).

Staying with audiobooks, StreetLib has added and Ubook to its distribution partners portfolio.

US-based has been delivering digital audio to eager listeners since 2012, and before that it was renting physical audiobooks under the name Simply Audiobooks. Since 2017 has been part of RBmedia.

Ubook operates out of Brazil, where it is by far the largest player in the Latin America audiobook field, but has reach in Europe, Oceania and beyond. Its 1.5 million registered users make Ubook a very welcome addition to our distribution network.

Finally, the Media365 platform, accessible via Android and iOS apps, offers authors and publishers a worldwide reader audience of over 1 million users in 14 languages — English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Turkish, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian and Vietnamese.

StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo said,

We continue our mission to build a publishing platform for the 2020s that is truly global, truly inclusive, and embraces all opportunities for authors and publishers to reach fans of the written word.

We started out as an ebook company before Amazon made ebooks fashionable, and today we facilitate the production and gateway distribution of ebooks, POD, comics, magazines, audiobooks, podcasts and online reading, with an unrivalled portfolio of 50+ partners that offer reach through hundreds of retail and subscription consumer points and to over 50,000 library consumer points worldwide.

We’re always working to increase publishers and authors’ possibilities to reach readers around the world, through as many retail, subscription and retail outlets as possible, and in as many formats as possible.

And all through one dashboard, so they can get all the benefits of going wide without having to manage dozens of accounts. And all with no upfront costs.

In addition we offer an unrivalled array of value-added services, from formatting, editorial, and audio production to rights management, and we are the publisher of the globally-focussed industry journal The New Publishing Standard and the B2B newsletters Publish Africa, Publish MENA and Publish Global.

We have another raft of partners to announce before 2019 ends, and in 2020 we’ll be taking our international operation to new heights as we build on the global infrastructure (a digital publishing portfolio for every country in the world) that we put in place this year.

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StreetLib ( is a publishing facilitator and a global gateway to the $143 billion international book market, 70% of which is happening outside the USA, for publishers big and small. Whether you are an independent author or a multinational publisher, StreetLib offers unrivalled global reach through our worldwide network of retail, digital library and subscription service outlets. StreetLib distributes ebooks, audiobooks, comics and print-on-demand paperbacks. StreetLib’s standard model is no up-front fees and it takes just a 10% commission per sale made.

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