Arnold Busck is one of Denmark’s oldest bookstore chains, founded in Copenhagen in 1896 and currently fielding thirty stores across the country, including a three-storey flagship store in the capital.

As one of the country’s biggest booksellers, any problem with the Arnold Busck bookstores is likely to impact on publishers and the annual industry results.

Those results are now going to have to take account of a $2 million (DKK 14.2 million) downturn in Arnold Busck trade in the last financial year, which itself came after a DKK 2.1 million loss the previous year.

Arnold Busck CEO Helle Busck Fensvig reported the losses were due to major tech problems when the company tried to implement a new IT system.

One example offered is that,

the new IT system has created problems with multiple cash registers. This has made it difficult at times to sell from the cash registers in question.

In addition, the IT system has not worked as intended in relation to ordering of goods, goods receipt as well as related administrative procedures and inventory management.

Fensvig is not blaming the loses entirely on the IT problem, noting that the deficit,

was also affected by a few new stores that were not up to full speed. In addition, some of the chain’s stores experienced increased competition.

Via MediaWatch DK