Three self-publishing stories in a row, just as the StreetLib-TNPS newsletter for self-publishers is about to go live tomorrow?

Coincidence is a strange beast. The fact is these news items have emerged this week, so will be part of the newsletter, but the timing is serendipitous, not deliberate.

Today’s news is that the US-based aggregator Draft2Digital, which has a great Value Added Service called Universal Book Links (UBL), now lets authors add links to their audiobooks.

Explains Draft2Digital:

We’ve always been proud of how useful and versatile our Universal Book Links are, but now we’re turning it up to eleven!

Starting now, you can add links to audiobook versions of your books right from the UBL management page!

Draft2Digital stress that, unlike for ebooks, we’ll need to add the audiobook links manually.

Read more here, and watch a how-to video on Youtube here:

Draft2Digital concludes:

Now your readers and listeners can both find what they’re looking for on your UBL’s landing page. Just one more way that Draft2Digital is making the author life easier!

While Draft2Digital does not allow indies to upload audiobooks directly, it has a partnership with Findaway, to make life easier for indies wanting to get into the audiobook game without using Amazon’s ACX.

Smashwords has a similar arrangement with Findaway.

More recently TNPS-publisher StreetLib also entered the audiobook arena, offering both upload and production –

and at Frankfurt this month announced it had entered the podcast arena as well.

Each indie-friendly aggregator (Draft2Digital, PublishDrive, Smashwords and TNPS-publisher StreetLib) has its unique features and its good and less endearing elements, but none require exclusivity, and that means authors and publishers can slice and dice between them to get what is best for their particular going wide and going global strategy.

This Draft2Digital news and much more news and insights from the self-publishing world in our new StreetLib-TNPS newsletter Publish Global.

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