Regulars here will know I’m a sucker for book fair art, and never more so than when it involves a local theme and children, so I was delighted to see one particular piece of peripheral from Filgua 2019.
That’s the 14th Guatemala International Book Fair (from the Spanish Feria Internacional del Libro en Guatemala) which this years runs July 11-21.

Thanks to a sponsorship deal Filgua 2019 is transporting pre-primary, elementary and secondary school children to the fair free of charge and this delightful promo art comes with the package.
Chiapas, Mexico, is guest of honour at Filgua 2019. The event is run by the Guatemala Publishers Association.
Filgua 2019 will host the 9th Interscholastic Reading Contest, aiming to encourage children and young people to read outside of school, and the 4th National Public Libraries Competition.
As this is the UNESCO Year of indigenous Languages Filgua 2019 is dedicated to the Mayan poet ‘Humberto Ak’abal (1952-2019), who wrote in K’iche.
The Guatemala International Book Fair typically attracts around 50,000 visitors.
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I’ll leave you with this adorable promo for an origami class for children during the fair. That’s on July 12 should you be lucky enough to be in Guatemala on the day.