Europe’s biggest book fair wound up earlier this month, and the numbers, actually announced a week ago, have just crossed my desk.

2.3 million people turned out to the Madrid Book Fair this year, spending some 10 million euros ($11.4 million) buying 550,000 books, an increase of 14% on 2018.
From TNPS in 2018:

Last year books to the value of 8.8 million euros were sold. Over a sixteen day even that’s an average of 550,000 euros ($639,000) of books being sold each day. All untracked by the stats counters that tell us how big the global book markets are.

June global book fair snapshot – 3 to 4 million attend book events outside the US / UK

This year’s increase means an average of 32,647 books were bought every day of the fair, with an average $670,588 a day spent.

PublishNewsES has (in Spanish) a more detailed account of this year’s fair that’s well worth checking out, and Google Translate is pretty reliable for Spanish if you need an assist.
Via PublishNewsES