Europe’s biggest book fair wound up earlier this month, and the numbers, actually announced a week ago, have just crossed my desk.

2.3 million people turned out to the Madrid Book Fair this year, spending some 10 million euros ($11.4 million) buying 550,000 books, an increase of 14% on 2018.
From TNPS in 2018:

Last year books to the value of 8.8 million euros were sold. Over a sixteen day even that’s an average of 550,000 euros ($639,000) of books being sold each day. All untracked by the stats counters that tell us how big the global book markets are.
This year’s increase means an average of 32,647 books were bought every day of the fair, with an average $670,588 a day spent.

PublishNewsES has (in Spanish) a more detailed account of this year’s fair that’s well worth checking out, and Google Translate is pretty reliable for Spanish if you need an assist.
Via PublishNewsES