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[PRESS-RELEASE] At Book Expo America StreetLib and Il Narratore partner to launch a new global audiobook production and distribution platform
New York City (USA), May 29th 2019

Italy’s premiere ebook distributor StreetLib and Italy’s premiere audiobook operator Il Narratore audiolibri have joined forces to launch a new service for the production and distribution of audiobooks.

The announcement at Book Expo America, following a soft launch early this month at the Turin International Book Fair in Italy, is the latest move by StreetLib as it pivots to become the world’s first truly global, multi-format digital publishing and distribution service.

StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo said:

“We’re excited about the opportunities we see in the audiobooks market and I’m thrilled to join forces with one of the most professional and competent teams in the audiobook space. Thanks to this new partnership, StreetLib can now offer its publishers and authors the best audiobooks production and multi-channel distribution service. This is a huge milestone for us at StreetLib, and it’ll help us in our growing path in a publishing market that I see every day more integrated, accessible and truly global.

Cristiana Giacometti, cofounder of il Narratore audiolibri, said:

“As Digital Publisher Il Narratore Audiolibri, based in Italy, customer of StreetLib for years with our editions in ePUB3 (Audio-eBook), we have been able to notice the professionalism, efficiency, precision and convenience of the Service. It was therefore natural for us to conclude this strategic partnership with StreetLib. We share an important mission indeed: ‘let the books available in all formats around the world’.

This occasion appeared perfect to us for celebrating our 20 years in Internet dedicated to spreading audiobooks, these wonderful editorial products. In other words such a partnership represents the further step for il Narratore Project, conceived by Maurizio Falghera in 1997 and to which I immediately enthusiastically joined; a Project developed in the Bay Area and launched online in Sydney in 1999, the first Italian Audio Literature Archive in MP3, that in many ways was ‘visionary’ at the time, but now has become in the International and in the Italian context a well-established reality of the publishing industry. This means for us new skills, young people involved, trained, prepared and coordinated to offer ever more stories to listen to, always focusing on the quality of the products. We’re managing a network of experienced narrators and professional recording studios with which we are able to satisfy the most demanding requests for audiobooks/audiolibri in Italian (and in other languages too).

We started global around the world, back home in Italy we worked local, now it’s time we become “glocal” in partnership with StreetLib!”

Authors and publishers will find their ebooks, POD books and audiobooks inside the StreetLib platform with the same user account, in an integrated dashboard where they can manage their entire publishing business.

StreetLib and Il Narratore will provide a high-quality production service to everybody willing to produce audiobooks in Italian, providing the best Italian narrators in the market.

The production service will expand into other languages soon.

For distribution, StreetLib will accept uploads of completed audio content in any language that will be distributed across its global network of audiobook outlets.

Each partner store will have its own restrictions of what languages are accepted, but as the StreetLib partners include not just Il Narratore Store but also AudibleGoogle PlayStorytelBookbeatKobo and Kobo Plus, with deals pending with many others, most languages will be catered for.

Giacomo D’Angelo added,

“If by chance you cannot find a fit for a particular language with our partner stores there is always the StreetLib International Store, which as part of our commitment to the UNESCO 2019 Year of Indigenous Languages and to UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 accepts and distributes content in all languages and is available worldwide.”

About il Narratore audiolibri:

Il Narratore Audiolibri is a publisher specialized in the production and publication of audiobooks and has been online since 1999. Currently, its store offers a rich catalog of audiobooks in MP3 digital format (over 2,000 titles). To date it has overseen his own production and on behalf of third parties; it has offered consultant services aimed at Italian and Foreign Publishers and Authors in order to enrich the editorial offer in the audiobook format in Italian language, with professional recording, made by narrators, actors and authors. Since 2007 it has also offered a digital distribution service for audiobooks to other publishers through the website store.

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