Italy-based digital books distributor and publishing facilitator StreetLib has partnered with Paris-based IP platform Nakiri to offer authors and publishers deals in the global Francophone markets

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[Press Release] StreetLib partners with Paris-based IP platform Nakiri to offer authors and publishers deals in global Francophone markets

Geneva, Switzerland, May 1st 2019
At the Geneva Book Fair this week, Paris-based publishing rights platform Nakiri announced a partnership with Italy-based digital books distributor and publishing facilitator StreetLibThis new cooperation will extend StreetLib’s smorgasbord of author and publisher services in a new direction.
StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo:
“StreetLib is on target to complete the first phase of its 2019 global expansion programme in June having digital author & publisher portals live for every country in the world. Global distribution of books in all formats from and to anywhere in the world are core to StreetLib. We also know authors and publishers may best benefit from local partners, especially when it comes to foreign rights sales.
When Nakiri first came to our notice at the Polynesia Book Fair last year, we immediately felt its focus on the global Francophone markets and its attention to a small Oceania nation like French Polynesia perfectly completed StreetLib’s international expansion programme. StreetLib is committed to enfranchising authors and publishers in all nations, not just cherry-picking the bigger markets. So when I got in touch with Nakiri co-founder Rosine Zadi, it was an easy decision to pursue this partnership.
Our cooperation with Nakiri is the first step to our global programme to connect authors publishers with local partners around the world in all languages. Nakiri will be our primary partner for connecting global authors and publishers with the Francophone markets. French is spoken on five continents, thus, this partnership will go far beyond France and will involve many nations around the world. Moreover, Nakiri’s parent company is the Paris-Casablanca-Abidjan operating publisher La Kora, further attesting to Nakiri’s credentials as a primary player in the Francophone stage.
For authors and publishers the opportunity to tap into new revenue streams across the Francophone markets will be further benefited by StreetLib’s expansion of its distribution network across Francophone Africa. (Watch out for another major announcement on this soon!)”
Rosine Zadi, co-founder of Nakiri:
“We are really pleased to announce our collaboration with StreetLib, especially during the Geneva Book Fair. Geneva is a conscious book fair which has often been attentive to what others might have considered to be peripheric. Like StreetLib, Nakiri aims to promote North-South exchanges, but also South-South exchanges. We believe every market should be addressed regarding its needs and specificities and mostly.
Nakiri and StreetLib are two key-players who both believe in digital technologies as a great tool to make the publishing industry a more inclusive and efficient place. Nakiri’s roots, vision and strength are in the Francophone stage. This partnership will allow us to fully harness this potential within the solid global programme of StreetLib, while providing StreetLib our strong local expertise of the French-speaking countries.
Our team humbly wants to contribute to sustainable editorial hubs. In the digital era, when many publishers are questioning the relevance of their business model and the future of the industry, we seize the digital opportunity to design useful tools for publishers and creators. Nakiri fosters access to the rights market by providing hands-on tech solutions to publishers and agents.
Our collaboration will focus on offering the best experience for those willing to perform publishing rights transactions and distribute their book globally. As we are dedicated to being a change agent toward a more accessible,more efficient and more transparent book market and collaboration like this one will be key to the process.”
About Nakiri
Nakiri ( is the first francophone platform dedicated to manage, buy and sell publishing rights worldwide. Nakiri provides to publishers from all over the World an online portal to complete international licensing deals. Nakiri model is based on a monthly subscription based on a three plans offer (starting 30€/month) and takes 15% per deal. For specific use case Nakiri offers custom assistance to publishers on their business development.
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