The March 2019 internet user updates are in for some countries and the numbers bear out TNPS expectations.

Nigeria, previously reported as having 98 million online – more than any country in Europe except Russia – has now leapfrogged the Eurasian giant.
Against Russia’s 109 million, Nigeria now has 111 million people online, making it the seventh largest country on the planet by internet users – and it’s still only at 55.5% penetration. It’s reasonable to assume Nigeria will be a bigger internet player than Japan before this year is over.
We only have updates for some African countries, but this means Africa overall now has 474 million people online.
Meanwhile India, for the past year recorded as fielding 460 million internet users, has now confirmed TNPS reports that it was adding about ten million new users each month.
Today India has 560 million people online.